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Last week I discussed the ways that apps can interfere with our productivity. Lets flip that, a little, and discuss the best ‘apps’ to help you be more productive.

I put apps in quotes because this isn’t like any other article you’ve read. It isn’t about technological apps that help. This is about real life “apps” that you already have that that can help your productivity.

What I mean is the application of what you have at your disposal that will help you be more productive.


3 “Apps” that Help Your Productivity  –


Brain – I may say this with one of my last dying breathes, the most powerful thing in your body is your brain. You use your brain every day for thinking, planning, being creative, solving problems, keeping your body running, and on and on.

When you are struggling to focus on how to get done what needs to get done, use that big wonderful brain of yours. Take the time to sit down and plan. Which tasks are going to lead you to your endgame? Figure those tasks out and do them. I teach my clients mind tricks to help them get their brains on a path that leads to productivity and not chaos.


Focus – You know that when you really get down to a task those blinders go on and you in a state of flow, working your tail off but still having fun. Use what you have learned about these times when you can block out the noise and put your nose to the grindstone. (hmmm, I wonder if I can find more clichés).

Sometimes it doesn’t seem easy to know when we focus best. Take the time to figure out when you have been in those states of flow. Then you can transfer that information to working for you so you can more easily focus on any task that you want to.


Relationships – Here I mean helpful relationships. (Although bad relationships can you drag you down that is for another discussion.) Surround yourself with people who are honest with you while helping you to fulfill your dreams. These people should want to see you succeed and either help you to do it or at least cheer you on if they can’t help. Having people who support us can help us increase our chances of success by 95%!

We are social animals (whether we want to admit that or not) and we need the support of people who aren’t going to just tell us what we want to hear. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of people, it can be a small group, but get people who are going to be standing at the finish line saying, “I knew you could do it”. And if you don’t have a small group you can count on, find a coach to help you solve your problem.


You have almost everything you need at your disposal to be productive and successful in helping yourself and your clients. Your brain, focus and community are all starting points to apply what you know to reach your productivity goals.



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