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Being me and being an introvert, one of the things that I love the most about coaching is working 1:1 or in small groups with clients. I’m much better these types of close, meaningful connections.

Having said that, I also realized recently that I also love being part of something that makes a difference. Having a ton of people pushing for change while supporting each other motivates me to do more and put in more effort.

From my coaching, desire to facilitate something larger than myself and my clients, I finally decided that I needed to start a movement of my own. And the idea of AntiHustle Nation was born. This is a cyber-space we can all belong to based on some of the best practices of productivity.


Here are the top 3 beliefs of AntiHustle Nation


Work Smarter – Being busy all.the.time is detrimental to our health. It causes stress which can cause a whole host of other physical and mental issues. Not to mention simply being busy can be a leading cause of why we aren’t actually productive during the day (for example it makes it difficult to prioritize and leads to multi-tasking).

In AntiHustle Nation we recognize that there is a difference in being busy and being productive. And we need to slow down to speed up. We prioritize our goals and focus on what needs to be completed rather than just being busy all the time. This leads to feelings of accomplishment and getting results in our businesses.


Play more – You know the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Not taking time out for yourself to do the things you enjoy leads to more stress and stress related difficulties. Not taking time off also leads to lower productivity. Eventually the lack of time off work leads to burnout. And you can’t run your business if you are too wore down to function.

Happiness has to come before success. We need to take time out to recharge our batteries. The time we spend away from work brings more creativity, knowing ourselves better, and easing the stress. In other words, taking time off leads to more productivity rather than less.


Groupthink differently – In today’s world there is the idea that we need to be ‘on’ 24/7. We have little hand held devices that we can work from at anytime, anywhere. As The Happiness Advantage author, Shawn Achor, points out, “Many people have become work martyrs, thinking if they give and give, they will be more successful. But it doesn’t play out that way”.

In AntiHustle Nation we support people doing things differently. We support putting the phone away and spending time with our family and friends. We support each other in focusing on our goals rather than doing everything to fit in with the busyness of life.


I invite you to join the movement to better productivity, less stress, getting more done and enjoy life more by joining AntiHustle Nation. We all know that it is important to work smarter, play more and think differently about what it means to be productive.


✔️O ✔️O,


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