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This weekend I was looking at a website with the etiquette for British Royalty (you know because of the wedding and all). My oldest kiddo asked, “Which is the weirdest one you have seen?”. I thought about it and realized that while they were different from my experience, I just saw them as something that was different from what I live.

People can be so judgmental, especially in toady’s world of hiding behind a computer screen and writing anything they want. That terrifies others from taking action, even when that action could help tons of people.


So, here are 3 tips to help you stop being afraid of being judged


Stop comparing yourself to others – You are your only competition. Did you do better than you did yesterday? I realized while looking at royal etiquette that the reason I wasn’t judgmental of their customs was because I will never be a royal. I don’t have to compete with them. The royals do what they do and I do what I do. When you look at others not as competition, just as if they have another way of helping people you won’t be as afraid of what they think.


Take action – Making small steps at the beginning helps to make bigger steps easier later on. Even the small steps lead to confidence and you being able to see that you know what you are doing. You may be doing it differently and that is actually a GREAT thing. People need your type of help, that is what makes the world go round. Taking the small steps can also help thicken your skin if people do make comments.


Get support – Surround yourself with people who do believe in you and what you do. They can help you see that what you have to offer is needed and if the fears rear their ugly head these people can help bolster you back up. Your support team can also help you develop confidence in what you are doing and negate what the naysayers might say.


When you start to realize that you are your only competition what any idiot out there says won’t bother you. You can start taking smalls steps to increase your confidence instead of throwing yourself on the line all at once. A supportive community is a buffer to fear of what others might say. Suddenly you are not afraid of being judged. And you too can be happy for the royals and their way of doing things.


Keep your head in the game



P.S. Those people out there that are so judgy are the ones with the issues, not you. They are lashing out because of their own insecurities and see something in you that they would like to be.

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