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I get it, there are so many things that you need to get done in a day. Often though you spend so much time doing things that don’t move you toward your goal and wonder how you are ever going to ever get to next level. When you keep getting off track you waste the time you could spend kickin’ butt.

  1. Do a time management assessment – what things are you doing that stop you from reaching your goals (yes, I said stopping because wasting time is hindering you from reaching your goals). Do a deep dive, not just guessing, about what you are doing throughout your day and if is is using your skills and moving you forward to reach your goals.


  1. Live as though you were already successful – When you have doubts about you should be doing, then think about what you would do if you had achieved that goal. Ask yourself, if I was already where I want to be what would I be doing right now?


  1. Use time blocking – The idea of multitasking is a myth. When you keep switching between tasks you use more energy to refocus back and forth. Set certain times when you will focus on one step toward your most important goal. When that time block is up switch to another step toward your goal.

You are the writer of your playbook for success. You deserve to protect your time and work towards that success (whatever it looks like to you). When you stop letting the squirrels get in your way you can easily win your success game.

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