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“Once I get a few more clients, then I’ll be happy.”

“After this product launches, then I’ll be happy.”

“Insert other random goal here, then I’ll be happy.”


Do you have similar conversations with yourself? Once something happens, then you will be happy.

Yet, when you reach that goal you aren’t happy?

Of course not! Because immediately you are on to the next big thing that will supposedly also make you happy. The end results are not what make us happy. We need to have happiness in our lives to get to the end results.

In the world of productivity happiness falls into circular logic. Happy people are more productive and productive people are happier. Which comes first is difficult to parse out but given what we know about how goals don’t make us happy, I believe that happiness is the tipping point to being productivity.


3 ways to increase happiness and productivity –


Enjoy the little things – Yes you want to cross everything off your mile long to-do list TODAY! The chances of that happening are slim to none on the best of days.

But celebrate the things that you do get done. When you end your day make sure that you are looking at what you go done that day not just what you still have to do.


Make referrals – Helping people makes us happier. We also feel happier when we feel connected to people. By connecting people you know to each other you will be helping them and increasing your own happiness.

As a bonus you also get to talk about your business which gets the word out about what you do even more. And increases the likelihood that others will refer people back to you. People help people who have helped them.


Change your point of view – Changing the way we look at things may entail putting on some rose colored glasses for a moment. When we change the way we look at obstacles we are better able to come up with different solutions and be thankful for the experiences we have had.

Being grateful for what we have experienced and learned leads to more happiness. This way of looking at things allows us to see that everything in the world is not as bad as we feared. This happiness leads to more creativity and can help us figure out solutions to obstacles before they become a problem.


Before you can be more productive you need to sprinkle some happiness dust into your life.

Enjoying the little things in life lets us know that is cause for celebration daily.

Helping those in our life connect gives us a sense of community and some warm fuzzies.

When we look at things through a different lens our obstacles do not seem as horrible as we thought they were.

All of these small things that we can do lead to more happiness which means we are more productive.




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