“I have so much to do, but I don’t know where to start!” This is a common issue when we try to prioritize our tasks.

A lot of people will tell you to do the urgent and most important things first. This is very true and great advice. However, it can be difficult to come up with what those tasks are because it seems like everything is important!

But we can’t do everything all at once. The idea of having all of these tasks to complete can totally overwhelm us. We need to find a way to break down our to-do list into what we should be focusing on.

3 Tips to Prioritize Your To-Do List


Start at the end – When looking at your to-do list keep in mind the end results or goal you are aiming for. If you are looking at increasing the visibility of your business, then the tasks that are most important relate to increasing visibility.

Aligning our tasks to fit with our goals helps us to keep our focus on what we really want. Keeping that goal in mind we can also see how we are making progress toward that goal. And when we see that we are making progress toward a goal we are more likely to keep working toward that goal.


Break down due dates – This seems like an obvious one, but sometimes it is something we overlook. Say you have a launch coming up. You set the due date for the launch, but don’t really take into consideration the smaller tasks that will get you to the big launch.

When we have a big task, we need to break it down into smaller components and set due dates for those smaller tasks too. If we don’t we get to the date of the big task and realize that we still have to complete a bunch of the smaller tasks.


Let go of FOMO – When we focus on one aspect of our business and put blinders on to other things we feel like we might be missing out on other important information. And yes, we shouldn’t let everything in our business fall to the way side to get one task done, so make sure you make time for those daily tasks too. However, in business we have certain times when one thing is more important and we shouldn’t be trying to do everything.

Fear of missing out often comes into play with trying to gain more knowledge and not actually taking more action. So, put a pin in that training or coaching you want to do because you can always come back to it later. Buckle down into actually doing something that is going to lead you to your end result.


You need to make the decision to strategically prioritize. Start from the end of your goal and work your way back from the end. Subtask due dates are also important to keep you on track. If you experience FOMO put it to the side and wait until you have the time to explore whatever seems so important right now.

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