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How would your life be different if

you weren’t so stressed out all the time?

You’ve tried all the advice on stress management – take a walk, a bath, get a mani/pedi, take deep breaths, and on and on. 

And yet, the stress just keeps coming back. 

Here is the secret about stress that no one is telling you –

The way we do stress management is backward.

There is more to managing stress than trying to relieve it after it is already sitting in your lap like a 2 ton elephant.

The best way to minimize stress is to become positively stress proof!

If you want to reduce the stress in your life

you are in the only place that will give you

a 360 degree stress solution.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jac

I am passionate about helping people to live a life where they do not feel crushed by stress.

I am the founder of the Stress Proofed Life, where we stress smarter and live happier. I use my background as a psychologist plus the science of positive psychology to help people  gain the clarity and confidence to cope with what life throws at them - making them stress proof.

When I find a bit of down time you will find me discussing the oddities of life with my husband and kiddos or reading mystery books with a glass of red wine surrounded by our 5 animals and any foster dogs we may have. If you are dying to know a little more about me find out more here.

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