Meet Your Game Master….


How did I win my success game?

I blame my dad.

My dad died when I was 8 (it was a heart attack because I know you are wondeting). After my father died my mom went into a negative spiral. At 8 years old I saw it as my job to make her happy.

I spent years trying to make others happy. I was the eternal optimist. People would ask me, do you ever not smile?

But I was hiding. I was making others happy but I didn’t really know what made me happy, what I really wanted in life or how to get there. I was told too many times that I needed to be a certain way – and now I know that way is not my way.

My first move in not “shoulding all over myself” was when I finally went to graduate school. No one wanted me to. Seriously, I was going into psychology. Probably what would happen is I would all of the sudden be able to read people’s minds, but even with all the schooling I still can’t.

I realized what made me tick….helping people be successful in their life.

(Guess all those of years of trying to make others happy wasn’t a total waste after all.)

So, here I was helping others find success and even teaching others how to help people get their success. But at times I was still lost.

Then my husband was diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition. That is when the roller coaster that is my life really started, and low and behold I was frustrated, negative Nancy, angry, stressed out (our kids were 3 and 6 months at the time) and quite frankly calling B.S. on this thing called life.

A couple years into the land of depression city (even if I was still putting on my happy face) I decided I needed to do something about it.

That was when I realized that all this stuff was just a great big mindF**k. When I won my mind games (which led to action), I was successful. And dang, I’d helped enough people do it themselves.

So I started thinking about how its like a game. There is a tiny bit of luck, some strategy, a need for information, its better when you play with others and even the serious games can be fun!

I put what I learned (and helped others do) into place to win the mind games that were keeping me from success.

And now I help others win the mind games that have been keeping them stuck in fear and self-doubt to be crowned champion of their success!


After that depressing little story (even though it has a good ending) here are a few fun things about me –

– I love gummi bears and licorice (both)

– My current theme song that gets me motivated every morning is Roar by Katy Perry

– I’m an animal lover (we have 3 cats, 3 dogs and do foster care for our local Boxer rescue)

– Trivial Pursuit is still my favorite game (even when my husband kicks my butt)

Drop me a line and let me know what your favorite game is!


You have to play to win –