Hey You! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dr. Jac. I’ve been where you are, feeling incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out AF over all the things that needed to get done – kids, work, spouse, animals, volunteering…I could go on but I think you get the picture. 

The Fails

I tried all the stress managment tips I could find and that I learned in graduate school (take a walk, take a bath, do something you enjoy, dance, ad nauseum). Maybe you have felt this – there is nothing like sitting in a bath with a glass of wine thinking about all the things that need to get done and getting stressed out about it. That didn’t really seem like a recipe for good stress management. I was still having trouble sleeping, still yelling at my kids and feeling more pissed off about all the demands in my life.

I realized that stress management was exactly what I was trying to do. As in, manage my stress after I already felt like a big old dumptruck had ran me over and then dumped its load of manure on me. Once the stress load was overwhelming, my battered and bruised body and psyche could barely dig a hole in my stress load. 

The Success

Finally, I realized that I needed to stop the stress before I felt overrun. So, I started looking at everything I could find on stress and how to cope with it. It was in the depths of positive psychology that I found the solution. I could set my life up for well-being and thriving to decrease the stress before I even needed to dip my toe into a bath tub. 

All of this led me to realize that we do stress backward. We need to head it off at the pass instead of when it is already careening toward us. We can actually stress proof our life. It has become my passion to help others overcome their stress before it overwhelms them. 

Personal Dr. Jac

When I find a bit of down time you will find me discussing the oddities of life with my husband and 2 kiddos or reading mystery books with a glass of red wine surrounded by our 5 animals and any foster dogs we may have. I’m not afraid to say that I hate talking politics, I love chocolate & caramel,  and Investigation Discovery.

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