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Hey You! Thanks for stopping by!

First, let me properly introduce myself. I’m Jacqueline Julien, Psy.D., LP. I’m a psychologist, wife, mom, animal lover and avid mystery book reader. 

There are two main reasons I started the Mental Health Boost (or MHB for short) store.

1. As a psychologist I know how difficult it can be to remind yourself daily of the things you want to remember to help improve your mental health. Journals, sticky notes, lists, etc. are all great, however they tend to stay in one place or get lost amid other paper chaos. One thing that people tend to see more frequently is our cups. We can take them with us where ever we need to go. 

2. I get tired of toxic positivity. Don’t get me wrong because I am a HUGE fan of positive psychology, but when I looked at inspirational mugs a lot of them were rah-rah, always look on the bright side, just believe and you will have sunshine, unicorns and rainbow confetti blowing out your butt. Ugh! I figured, hey how about some unique items that are based in real ways to help people boost their mental health.

Personal about Dr. Jac

When I find a bit of down time you will find me discussing the oddities of life with my husband and 2 kiddos or reading mystery books surrounded by our 5 animals and any foster dogs we may have. I’m not afraid to say that I hate talking politics, I love chocolate & caramel,  and Investigation Discovery.

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