Meet Your Host….


I’m winning my success game, and you can, too.  How did I do it, you ask?

It started with my dad’s death when I was 8 years old (it was a heart attack because I know you are wondering).

That is when I started to see how much we let situations define us. We let our situation dictate what we should think, how we should feel and how we should act.  In other words we let circumstances control what we do (or don’t do as is often the case).

I struggled with this concept. I kept thinking, there has to be a way to have more control, more success, and better ways of thinking about work and life than simply letting the world control how you live. But still, I spent the next couple decades going along with the flow and letting the situation and others be the deciding factor in what I “should” do.

I tried to break out of my shell of “should”, but the crack was never big enough. I knew that deep down I was an optimist, always thinking that there was a different way and that I could make my life the way I wanted it. Instead I got stuck in the swamp of self-doubt and the fiery pit of fear.

I didn’t know how to put any of those thoughts into actions.

My first move in not “Shoulding” myself was when I finally went to graduate school. No one wanted me to. Seriously, I was getting a doctorate in clinical psychology. I swear people thought that all of the sudden I’d be able to read people’s minds. Fortunately (or unfortunately) that didn’t happen. But I am really good at helping others get over their mind games to write their personalized success playbook and LIVE it.

That was when I realized that all this stuff holding us back in life was just a great big mindF**k.

You can have the inspirational quotes all over your house and taped to your forehead. You can have the vision board and repeat 50 mantras a day and still not have the life you want. Because, our brains play mind games with us stopping us from not passing “Go” and collecting $200. Basically, our mind can keep us in success jail.

My big revelations from all of this?

We need to play our own game, not other people’s games.

We need to focus on thriving, not trudging.

Life is fun! We don’t need a stick up our rear end to get or be happy and successful.

Playing the mind games the right way leads to SUCCESS!

I started thinking about how success IS like a game. Sure, there’s a tiny bit of luck involved, but apply some strategy, gather the right information, and play well with others (others help you move forward more quickly!), and even the serious games become fun!

Now I bring my 10+ years of understanding people, mind games and how to make changes to helping others overcome the obstacles that hold them back from having the success that they dream about by coaching them to write their own playbook so they can be crowned the Champion of their Success too!


Game On!


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