Hey You! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dr. Jac. I’ve been where you are and I’ve helped hundreds of people (including myself) overcome their desire to put others before themselves by being way too nice. I’m a ‘retired people-pleaser’, Confidence & Assertiveness Coach and Psychologist.

The Too Nice Jac

For the longest time I put everyone’s needs ahead of my own. I think I entered the people pleasing zone when I was about 8 years old. My first memory of really wanting to make others happy (even though I was miserable) was following my father’s death when I was 8 years old. I remember wanting to do things for my mom because she was so sad. This was where I learned that by doing things for others and sucking up all the feelings I was having, I would be looked at as special. 

As I grew older, doing things for others extended outside my family, mostly to boyfriends. I would date guys just to make them happy and stay in relationships longer than was healthy for me. I tried to be the “good-girl” in school and at work. Only a lot of times that backfired because I wouldn’t speak up and ask questions. 

The Bold New Dr. Jac

Then I finally did the one thing that I had always wanted to do (but no one else wanted me to do)…I got my Doctorate in Psychology. This opened my eyes to how I had been living my life, but also how so many people are stuck and miserable because they are trying to do all.the.things for everyone, but themselves. 

I started working with people who wanted more in life but were afraid that if they started to speak up people wouldn’t like them or worse yet, people would leave them. They felt like they weren’t enough and were tied to this role of being the one that everyone dumps on, but their favors are never returned. After working with so many people who were just too nice, I developed the Boldness Academy to help smart, successful women be OK with having self-interest and gain the confidence to get their needs and wants met too.

Personal Dr. Jac

When I find a bit of down time you will find me discussing the oddities of life with my husband and 2 kiddos or reading mystery books with a glass of red wine surrounded by our 6 animals and any foster dogs we may have. I’m not afraid to say that I hate talking politics, I love chocolate & caramel,  and Investigation Discovery.

Managing Your COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

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