Hey You! Thanks for stopping by! Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a little about myself.   I always thought I was good at managing my time. I met all my deadlines at school and work (even though meeting some of those deadlines meant burning the midnight oil and copious amounts of Mountain Dew). I had all my to-do lists, back of envelope scribbled notes, and post it notes all centrally located in a pile on my desk. I told myself that my workspace was an ‘organized mess’. My to-do list traveled with me week to week. I remember one time when I finally crossed something off my to-do list after it been on it for 6 months. I joked about it because hey, aren’t we all soooooo busy! Then I decided to start a business.

So much to do!

I didn’t know what needed to get done first. I wanted to do everything all at once. I’d work on a little bit of my website, then get sidetracked trying to contact clients and then I needed to work on social media. I felt stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked. I felt I needed to spend all my time on my business and when I spent time with my family I felt guilty because I wasn’t present with them and I was waiting for bed time so I could get back to my business tasks. I tried about every time management technique I could find. I read the advice of million dollar business owners about how to be successful (get up early, make your bed, don’t go to bed until everything was done, blah, blah, blah). What the gurus were saying just wasn’t work for me.

Holy light-bulb moment, Batman!

I went back to my roots in clinical psychology to understand how our minds influence how we reach our goals (or don’t as the case may be). I got a deeper understanding of what was standing between me and getting my work done. I realized that what was standing in my way was me. I had been fighting against myself trying to get it all done. I stopped focusing on what I was doing and instead starting BE-ing the leader of my business.

Fast forward to present day…

I make decisions and I stick to them. I am enjoying my business more, I do what I set out to do and I’ve found this amazing thing called free-time.

I am teach other business owners how to BE in control of their business (isn’t that why you are checkin’ me out) so they can reach the next level.


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