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I’m winning my productivity game, and you can, too.  How did I do it, you ask?

When I was a teenager I thought that our household was too rigid. Everything in it’s correct spot, tasks got done at specific times not matter what, and you weren’t free to choose what worked for you.

What I saw was that organization and rigidness lead to stress and frustration.

So, like any good teen, I rebelled. I was going to get things done on my terms. If I wanted to fly by the seat of my pants I was going to. I was just going to fit things in when I could and if they didn’t get done, too bad. I wanted to have some fun.

What I didn’t know (but I do now) is that there are different ways for everyone to be productive. But, you do have to put your mind to it and make it happen.

I wasn’t taught goal setting or prioritizing. I was never told how to be organized or get things done. Well, unless there was a deadline. I was always good at meeting deadlines because I was up at all hours getting the work done.

While getting my doctorate in psychology I fell in love with positive psychology. Understanding positive psychology and how to use the ideas helped me figure out how I can be productive by focusing on what helped my overcome my obstacles and how to get and stay focused on being productive.

That was when I realized that all this stuff holding us back in life was just a great big mindF**k.

Using my knowledge of how our minds can trick us and experience in effective behavior change I now help others focus their mindset on productivity so they can live their success.

I also have the time to enjoy my family, red wine and anything chocolate & caramel.

Game On!







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