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AntiHustle Nation is located in many places. It starts with the place inside you that is wanting to get your sh*t done but still enjoy life. Then you join like minded people in an online community.  It spreads to your family, friends, co-workers and others you come into contact with.


Work Smarter/Play More


AntiHustle-ease – see what I did there? We speak the language of making our lives easier and having more time, freedom & happiness.

Positivity – We support others in their efforts to be more slow down the pace

Cuss Words – because we are smart and happy people

Song Lyrics – we will break out into song if you say the right words, no singing talent required


All people who want to make a change in the way they work to accomplish their goals while still enjoying their life.


Where business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs move when they want to kick ass in their business and also want to enjoy work and life.

We are first and foremost a supportive accountability community. If we were a neighborhood we would be the type of neighbors that gather at each other’s during the summer to have a BBQ, or watch a movie on the big screen. We’d spend cold winter nights at each other’s houses playing board games or singing karaoke.

More than that, when Jane is having to work more hours we help her figure out how to make better use of her time so she could around to enjoy our get togethers. When John has to figure out how to get everything done so he enjoys a family vacation we help him to come up with a plan of action so he doesn’t fell like he is leaving his business unattended.

Our community believes that we rally around each other. We work smarter and make the time to enjoy life outside of work. And put an end to toxic hustletivity.

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