Feel like you are living on a hamster wheel?

Welcome to AntiHustle Nation!

We believe in working smarter so we can play more!

Move to AntiHustle Nation Now

All day long you work, work, work.

It feels like you are just spinning your wheels and getting no further in work or life than you were last year.

You get up in the morning (after hitting snooze 3 times),

Get to work (scramble to cross things off your to-do list),

Run errands (it is hard to run a household),

Toss and turn until you fall asleep (because you have so many things you still need to do).

And then do it again the next day.


In AntiHustle Nation, citizens strive to –

Focus on what needs to get done instead of just being busy. We are cured of shiny object syndrome.

We start our days knowing exactly what tasks we need to do so we can get our sh*t done and enjoy time off.

We build communities to help others so we aren’t feeling run ragged all the time.

We drift off to sleep feeling accomplished and successful in what we have achieved during the day.

And then do it again the next (unless we are unplugging and taking a day off).

Meet the Found of AntiHustle Nation –

Hey you! Thanks for thinking about moving to AntiHustle Nation. I’m Jac Julien the founder of this dynamic place that believes we shouldn’t be working ourselves to the bone just to keep doing the same things over and over again and being so stressed out that life seems to just pass us by.

AntiHustle Nation was homesteaded after my Productivity Revolution of 2018. My kiddos (and husband – he’s a professor) were home from school. And well, I was working all.the.time. I was working with my productivity coaching clients and teaching college online (I have a doctorate in psychology) and I was wore the f*ck out. I wanted to join my family and do fun things but I felt chained to my desk.

I realized that the AntiHustle message was bigger than myself, family, friends and clients. I want to change the way we think about work (which is really a four letter word if you ask me!) and what it means to be productive and happy in our lives.

Thus, the idea of bringing together a community of people who were also tired of being on the hamster wheel and not really living life was founded. I invite you to have your own productivity revolution and make the move to AntiHustle Nation to be part of the growing community of people who work smarter and play more.

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