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Welcome to the AntiHustle Nation Podcast

We all wish we had more time in the day. Join Jac Julien, psychologist and productivity expert, every Monday and Thursday as she and her guests share the secrets to productivity, goal achievement, success and more. If you are fed up with the hectic pace of work and life, join us to experience more time, freedom and happiness.

Using Music for Motivation

How many times have you told yourself that you are going to accomplish a certain task and by the time you get to that task you just do not have the motivation to complete it? What if you used music to get you the motivation or the break that you needed so you could finish that task? On today’s episode I discuss the motivating benefits of music.

You Are Your Only Competition

How often do you find yourself comparing what or how you are doing something to that of other people? It is in our human nature to compare ourselves to others, but there can be downfalls. On this episode we discuss the pros and cons of social comparison.

Navigating College w/ Dr. Corrine Hinton

On this episode I chat with college professor Dr. Corrine Hinton about how parents and kiddos can navigate the college years with ease. We discuss how to prepare you and your kiddo for college, what we can do as parents to help our college kiddos and how to successfully send them off into the world.

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