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We all wish we had more time in the day. Join Jac Julien, psychologist and productivity expert, every Monday and Thursday as she and her guests share the secrets to productivity, goal achievement, success and more. If you are fed up with the hectic pace of work and life, join us to experience more time, freedom and happiness.

Do You Have Hard Habits To Break?

Habits…we all have them. Some are better for us than others. The good news is we can change our habits. What I think is missing from a lot of the information on habits is paying attention to our thoughts and feelings about changing a habit. This is what we will be discussing on today’s episode.

What Do You Expect?

We all have expectations of what each experience we have is going to be like. These expectations can help us, but they can also hurt us. On this episode we cover understanding our expectations and how we can work with them for more success.

The Importance of Family Time w/Mary Cook

This week I chat with Mary Cook at This Indulgent life. We know that we want to have a great family life while we are still supporting our family. How do we spend intentional time with our family, give them experiences and be respectful parents? Mary and I cover all this in this show.

Your Mind on Change

I believe that our minds are our the most powerful ‘muscle’ that we have. If we want to make changes our mind needs to be the engine driving us forward. Yet there are some reasons why our mind may not be fully on board with the change. At the same time, there are ways that we can ‘trick’ our brain into making the changes that we want to make.

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