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We all wish we had more time in the day. Join Jac Julien, psychologist and productivity expert, every Monday and Thursday as she and her guests share the secrets to productivity, goal achievement, success and more. If you are fed up with the hectic pace of work and life, join us to experience more time, freedom and happiness.

You Can Say No

There was a time in our life when we were really good at saying no, that was when we were about two years old. At that point we started to learn that saying no was not a good thing. In this episode we discuss why as adults we have trouble saying no and how we can get good at it again.

Who Is Driving Your Car

Janet Jackson helps us understand it best…life is all about control. Yet, we often give in to our circumstances and let life guide us instead of us guiding our life. What is it that keeps us from taking full control of our life and how can we start taking control and driving our own life car.

Setting Your Teen Up For School Success

This week I chat with Rachael G. of The Experienced Graduate. We know as adults it can be difficult to keep on top of all our projects, imagine how your kid feels. But how can we teach them what we don’t know. Rachael helps parents teach their kids (and themselves) how to have good study skills, be organized, project management and more.

Why Are You Stuck On That Mistake?

Mistakes are a natural part of growing and learning. Yet, often get caught up in thinking about our mistakes to the point of not being able to move forward. This is episode is dedicated to why can’t let go of our mistakes and how we can take steps to let them go.

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