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It may seem that confidence and productivity are two separate issues. Shawna Barito and Jac discuss the intersection between the two and how having confidence can help you with productivity obstacles, such as setting boundaries.


Shawna is a skilled mindset coach with nearly 20 years’ experience assisting women in building Shatterproof self-confidence by holding sacred space (my Shatterproof Yourself program) for self-exploration leading to life-altering transformation.

Shawna is a Mystical Practitioner with over 30 years’ experience assisting women by guiding inner healing through holding sacred space for deep spiritual work.

She is also an Energy Worker with over 30 years’ experience assisting women by intuitively guiding Source energy for specific intentions.

In addition, Shawna is an Ordained Minister who has performed 19 Handfastings (These make me cry every time!).

When she’s not helping raise up the women of the world, she is a Wife of 25 years, Mother to two amazing young adults and Mentor to those same amazing young adults. Just a southern girl with a penchant for whiskey on the rocks, old time rock & roll and a really good sushi bar.


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