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Confident New Year Actionar

December 30, 8PM CT

Is it possible to stand up for yourself, say no and not feel guilty?

You know that deep down you are smart and have a lot to offer the world.

Yet, in certain situations (like family gatherings) you find yourself hiding the light inside you because no matter how much you succeed or how much you do for others, they still treat you like should be doing more.

And you don’t want to rock the boat by speaking up.

That leaves you feeling like you are somehow less than others.

Instead of sharing your brilliance, you start thinking of ways you can earn their approval.

Maybe if you….

Work hard or longer.

Find the time to get the perfect body.

Research how to fake confidence so you can say what is on your mind. 

And yet, none of these tactics haven’t worked in the past.

You would like to be able to…

Say what you thought without worrying about others’ itty bitty feelings.

Feel heard when you tell people no.

Not have this overwhelming feeling of dread when you simply think about speaking up.

If you are ready to stand up for yourself, be able to say no and not feel guilty then I invite you to my live

Confident New Year Actionar.

(This is like a webinar but you will actually leave with specific actions you can take to BE the person you are striving to be.)

The Confident New Year Actionar will cover 3 steps you can take to live confident in the new year, decade and beyond including:


Action #1The one change you can make that allows you to feel free to share your thoughts with others.

Action #2: How to get comfortable with saying no to all the demands on your time.

Action #3: Solve the mystery about what keeps you feeling guilty about showing self-interest (hint: it isn’t about being selfish).


It is possible to stand up for yourself, say no and not feel guilty…sign up for the Confident New Year Actionar below.

Hi! I'm Dr. Jac.  I’ve been where you are  - looking like I’m successful in life and knowing deep down that I am smart but being so overwhelmed with trying to make others happy and life easier for them that I felt my own wants and needs slipping away. In other words, I was being way too damn nice. 

After working with hundreds of clients I realized that they are scared to follow their own path because they don’t want to come across as a witch (but with a b) or feel like they are letting the people in their life down. And that they could spend the rest of their time here on earth making themselves miserable by trying to be everything to everyone else or they could stop the people-pleasing, start speaking up, being happy and less stressed by boldly being themselves. 

Now I use my 10+ years as a psychologist to coach smart, successful women using the science of positive psychology to find the confidence to ask for what they want, stop trying to please everyone, say no and let go of the guilt so they can unapologetically find their happiness (and still spread happiness to others).

7 Ways to Cure People-Pleasing Habits

Finally cure your people-pleasing habits and start acting with self-interest, guilt free. 

Congratulations! You are on your way to curing your people-pleasing habits and living with self-interest! Your download link is the on the way to your inbox. Don't forget to check your spam folder.