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Building Boldness

November 19-21

Is it possible to change your mindset about standing up for yourself, stop worrying if everyone will like you and not feel guilty?

This Live Stream will cover the 3 Building Blocks of Boldness including:


#1The one thing you can do to help you believe your needs are important.

#2: Why saying no is actually a good thing.

#3: Solve the mystery about what keeps you feeling guilty about showing self-interest while others don’t have this problem.


Hi! I'm Dr. Jac.

 I’ve been where you are  - looking like I’m successful in life and knowing deep down that I am smart but being so overwhelmed with trying to make others happy and life easier for them that I felt my own wants and needs slipping away. In other words, I was being way too damn nice. 

After working with hundreds of clients I realized that they are scared to follow their own path because they don’t want to come across as a witch (but with a b) or feel like they are letting the people in their life down. And that they could spend the rest of their time here on earth making themselves miserable by trying to be everything to everyone else or they could stop the people-pleasing, start speaking up, being happy,and less stressed by boldly being themselves. 

Now I use my 10+ years as a psychologist to coach smart, successful women with science backed tools to find the confidence to ask for what they want, stop trying to please everyone, say no and let go of the guilt so they can unapologetically find their happiness (and still spread that happiness to others).

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