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Let's work together to get your sh*t done so you have time to enjoy your life!

What should I do next?

How do I know what is important (it all seems important!)?

You sit down to conquer the day and everything seems so important – you want to get it all done right now!

You feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing not much of anything (or doing bits and pieces of everything).

You end the day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything in your business (anything except being busy that is).

Then it’s time for you to get “Know What to do Next”!

You’ll learn and implement a system to prioritize what is actually important, what you need to focus on to grow your business (so you make money), and never again wonder what to do next. 

How it works: During a 45 minute call (before our call you will gather up all your to-dos and send them to me), then together we will take a fine tooth comb to your to-do list so at the end you have a simple, repeatable system you can use to determine what is important (and what isn’t) to focus on for your business, and your next 3 most important action steps to move your business forward.



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The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.

~Michael Altshuler

Maybe you’re feeling like one conversation won’t pull you out of the time-suck you’re in. Then my full coaching package is for you. Keep reading to learn more.


Sometimes it seems so overwhelming to even think about making changes, and wherever would you find the time?!

How would you feel a year from now, if you were still feeling overwhelmed and not enjoying your business or life?

Let’s work together to up your productivity game. I offer a four phase 1:1 coaching to help you get more time in your day to free you up to do those things that will make your business money!

Here is how my four phase 1:1 coaching can help you…

You look up at the clock and it is time to end for the day. You think, Crap! Where does the day go? We are going to figure out exactly where those hours go. We’ll figure out the specifics of what you want those hours to look like instead. This will help us get you to, Oh wow! Look at how much time I have left today!
I have to do this, I should do that, I need to get this done and all the other things you say about how much you have to do is the focus at this phase. Productivity is so much more than time management. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are as business owners are equally important. We will turn your stories around so that you “get to” is your go-to phrase for what you want to accomplish in your business.
Oh look, a squirrel! During this phase we dissect all your squirrels and shiny objects. We’ll figure out what has been pulling you down into that time suck black hole. At this point we can see better the obstacles that may crop up and throw you off your productivity game. We will look closer at how you can enjoy time (in your business and at home).  When someone asks, Did you see that squirrel – you can say, Nope I was getting sh*t done.
I don’t know if I can do all this on my own! This can be a bit scary because we have been working together to make things happen. You have crossed so much off your to-do list during our time together and you are feeling the freedom of having a business and a life! Now it is time for you to go it on your own, young grasshopper. You spend a few weeks running your life like the productivity champ you are. Then we will have one last chat to make any final tweaks and celebrate your wins! You will be saying, I can’t believe I can accomplish so much and enjoy my business and life!

Wouldn’t it be great to know that you were taking care of business and still finding time to enjoy the things you love?

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