What would life look like if you were accomplishing your goals?

Are you ready for more time, freedom & happiness?


Up ‘til now you have likely been feeling a little (or more) overwhelmed with running your business and having a life.

You have been searching for that proverbial work/life balance (which I think is B.S. by the way because it is all life, but you don’t want me to get on my soapbox right now).

You may have found yourself being pulled in numerous directions….

”Do I go to my kid’s soccer game or take a client call?”

You know where you want to go in your business…

“If I had more time, I could have everything organized and make more money.”

You know what kind of life you want to have…

“I don’t want to be a ‘hot mess’ anymore.”

The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you’re the pilot.

~Michael Altshuler

You started your business because you were fed up with your j.o.b.


You were tired of –

  • Not being there for your spouse/kids.
  • Working specific hours so someone else could pull in the big bucks.
  • Being available 24/7 for someone else.
  • Being dependent on someone else to make money.
  • Having to share a bathroom with other people.


Your dream for having your own business may have looked something like –

  • Working the hours you want to
  • Spending uninterrupted time with yourfamily
  • Taking ‘real’ vacations
  • Having time for yourself
  • Being able to eat bon-bons and watch Netflix whenever you wanted to


Only the reality after starting your business looks like –

  • Being busy all.the.time
  • Feeling like you are spinning your wheels and not moving your business forward
  • You need even more hours in the day
  • Feeling guilty when you don’t spend time with family (but also when you do because you should be working on your business)
  • This is way more work than you thought it was


What would your life look like if you had more time, freedom & happiness?


Maybe you would –


  • Take time off in the middle of the week
  • Enjoy time with your family and not worry about business
  • Be taking vacations throughout the year
  • Simply not working every day of your dang life
  • Be making all the dough (not the bakery kind of dough, the money, moola kind) you ever wanted
  • Just kicking back, relaxed at the end of the day with your favorite beverage (I’m partial to red wine) knowing that you accomplished everything you needed to that day

Happiness is the joy we feel striving toward our potential.

~Shawn Achor

Are you ready to ‘move’ to AntiHustle Nation?


If you want more (or any) of that dream you had when you became an entrepreneur then I invite you to join me on a journey to AntiHustle Nation.


Our motto in AntiHustle Nation is: End Toxic Hustletivity (yes, I like made up words).

This means we aren’t busy just for the sake of being busy.

We achieve our goals without the overwhelm and with all our hair in tact.

We believe that we all have ways that we work best and success is not ‘one size fits all’.

Finding our personal work/life blend is less about to-do lists, goal setting, getting up at the buttcrack of dawn, turning off notifications, etc. and more about our how our brains work and working how we work best.


You get to be you and be successful!

If you are ready to have more time, freedom & happiness…


Lace up those sneakers,


pack your bag,


download your ‘roadtrip’ songs,


and pick your roadmap to AntiHustle Nation.



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Maybe you are thinking –

This sounds amazing! You hit on everything that I have been thinking.

I really want to work with you, but I’m not totally sure, I’ve been burned before.

I’d like to know more before I sign up.

I’m thinking –

You are brilliant!

You should work with someone you feel comfortable with.

Take a listen to the AntiHustle Nation podcast.

I share my personality and ideas a lot better verbally.

Then come back and sign up for a program you feel comfortable with.

AntiHustle Nation Podcast

Not sure you want to commit to the a full fledged journey to AntiHustle Nation? I totally understand.

In 45 minutes I can show you how you can use your superpowers to be more productive and reach your goals.

What does this involve?

You will complete a personal characteristic assessment.

After you complete the assessment you and I will have a 45 minute Zoom call to discuss the results and how you can use the information to work with your superpowers instead of against them.

You will leave the call with:

A full report of your personal characteristics.

Bonus report of how to use your power to accomplish more.

3 Action steps to implement working how you work best so you achieve more and have more time.

Get started now – 


This is for those short-term bumps in the road that you need help getting over. You know you need to get moving, but need a specific game plan. A ‘day trip’ will help you with specific strategies to get through short-term obstacles. Leaving you with a road map for your next steps. This is perfect if you need help with:

  • First steps to getting out from overwhelm
  • Fallen into analysis paralysis
  • Need to get crystal clear on your next goal
  • Clarity on exactly what you want 

1 – 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call (with recording)

2 weeks of Voxer support


Are you ready to be a permanent resident of AntiHustle Nation?

Are you ready to give up the hustle of the hamster wheel and being busy for busyness sake?

I love your determination!

This is for when you are ready to make the long-lasting, permanent changes. You are throwing off your idea that being a ‘hot mess’ is the way to go and looking to reach your goals without all the drama and have more accomplishment and ease in your life.

Making the move to AntiHustle Nation is your 1:1 personally guided pathway to more time, freedom & happiness.

3 Month Program

2 – 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call (with recording) per month

Voxer support between calls

Weekly email Check-ins


Click HERE to Schedule a no stress, no pitch call to see if this is right option for you.

What would it be like to know that you were taking care of business

and still finding time to enjoy the things you love?