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1:1 Coaching

Coaching that focuses on YOUR specific needs and writing your success playbook
You are ready to play the game. Maybe you have played this game before or maybe this is an entirely new game to you. Either way, you are determined to win this time!

You just aren’t sure how to get your mind in the right frame for success. The tools you have just don’t seem to be working. You need someone to play the game with you.

I’m not going to let you struggle alone playing the game anymore. I’m going to play your game with you and bring the mindset and action tools that you need to make sure you succeed (and have some fun too).

This time you will be crowned Champion!

Not only will you be champion this time, you will be able to take these plays into any challenge you face in the future.

This is for serious players only. If you aren’t ready to commit the time, energy and get out of your comfort zone to write your success playbook then check out….

What you can expect from me:

Steadfast belief that you can do this

Focusing on YOUR challenges and how to best resolve them for you

Supportive accountability

Asking the tough questions


Working hard and playing hard


What I expect of you:

Commitment to change

Taking action

Courage in the face of scary change

Commitment to your success

Taking action

Focus on making changes

Your results will only come if you play the game so you need to act even through your fears.

This is for those short-term bumps in the road that you need help getting over. You know you need to get moving, but need a specific game plan. The mini-game will help you with mindset shifts and specific strategies to get through short-term obstacles. Leaving you with a game plan for your next steps. This is perfect if you need help with:

  • First steps to getting out from overwhelm
  • Fallen into analysis paralysis
  • Need to get crystal clear on your next goal
  • Clarity on what exactly you want
  • Stress Reduction


1 – 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call (with recording)

2 weeks of Voxer support


*Only available once per person, per quarter.

This is for those times when the game is going to take longer or the mountain is bigger. When you are going to need more accountability and a major shift in your mind game and how you achieve your results.

-You are ready to shut out the noise and carve the path you know you were meant to live

-Get very clear on what is working in you life/biz and what is not and how to change what isn’t working

-Quiet those inner voices that tell you are aren’t good enough, you’re a fraud

-Realize that success and personal fulfillment are not either/or and you are ready to have both

-Ready to overcome the obstacles that seem to keep popping up

-Tackle the fears that come with change


3 Month Program

2 – 90 minute 1:1 Zoom call (with recording) per month

Voxer support between calls

Weekly Support Check-ins


Weekly Stress Busting Tips

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