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Yesterday was the biggest day in American football…the 2020 Superbowl. A lot of people tuned in to see the Kansas City Chiefs win over the San Francisco 49ers. Others tuned in for the commercials. 


However, as it often does, the big talk today on Social Media is about the halftime show provided by Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo, and Shakira. Whether you loved their performance or hated it, both women showed a lot of confidence in getting up on that stage to be seen by millions of people worldwide. 


Here are 5 lessons about confidence from J.Lo and Shakira’s performance: 


They Showed Up – I am pretty sure going into yesterday’s Superbowl Halftime Show, J.Lo and Shakira knew that some people would like the performance and others wouldn’t. And yet, they still performed! First of all, they didn’t let the idea that not everyone would appreciate their show stop them for going out there and doing their thing. And, moreover, they didn’t try to please everyone. They did the show that they felt they could do best. The people that resonated with their show loved it!  


They Found Meaning – One of the ideas that the National Football League (NFL) promoted heavily with the 2020 halftime show was it being in Miami, where there is a large population from Latino/a descent, and the Latina roots of J.Lo and Shakira. J.Lo and Shakira talked about the Latina connection for months before the big game. The connection with their heritage gave this show particular meaning to the singers as a way to re-establish and connect with their Latina roots. 


They Worked to their strengths –  I’m sure that J.Lo and Shakira have a lot of strengths. During the Superbowl Halftime Show they worked their booties off with two they are famous for – singing and dancing. They weren’t up there reading poetry or knitting. They went out and did the things they do best – sing, dance and entertain. 


They let the negative go – Hopefully J.Lo and Shakira have solid boundaries and aren’t reading all the hater comments out there. But even if they are, I can guarantee they aren’t going to stop doing what they do because of a few internet trolls. They are resilient and will perform again no matter what people are saying about their superbowl show. 


They aren’t apologizing – I haven’t seen a post, tweet or skywriting where J.Lo or Shakira are apologizing to the people who did not like their show, outfit, dance moves or hair (if they did and I missed it, they should freaking take that down now!). These ladies went out to provide entertainment and they did with power. Today they aren’t waffleing and letting everyone know how sorry they are that not everyone liked their show. J.Lo and Shakira aren’t talking about how next time they will wear something different or sing a different song. They simply are not apologizing for doing what they do best. And they don’t need to because they are confident that they provided the best show they could. 


Again, whether you liked the entertainment that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira provided at the Superbowl Halftime Show, there is no doubt that they displayed confidence in getting up and performing. We can learn a lot from these ladies about how to be confident ourselves. 


Photo credit: Andy Lyon/Getty Images


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