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When we are uncertain about what is happening around us it causes all kinds of feelings to come up. How do we cope with that uncertainty and decrease our stress in the process? Watch here to find out.

I am ready to throw anybody into the ocean who says “an abudance of caution”. You will probably be ready to throw me into the ocean for saying acceptance.


Acceptance. Accept what is happening. You can’t control it, give in, accept it, and accept your feelings about it.

Recognize that it is there, and there is not much that we can do about it. We can do things about it, obviously. We can socially, isolate. We can wash our hands.

We cannot buy up all the frickin toilet paper. Accept that this where we are.


What are you actually thankful for? Well, this whole thing sucks a big fat bucket of rocks.

There are things to be thankful for right now. Hopefully, everybody you know is healthy. That’s something to be thankful for.

I’m thankful my kids don’t have to take the STARR test [big end of year test in Texas]. I don’t know what they’re gonna teach in school if we ever go back to school, but there are silver linings and savoring.



I think this one gets missed out a lot because we think about gratitude and being thankful. But the savoring aspect of it is huge. Savoring is really being in the moment, letting yourself feel.

Accept all those feelings, all that joy, all that happiness right then in the moment and remembering it and thinking about it.

Use your strengths

What are your strength? I always think about strengths as character strengths. For me, kindness and humor, those are my top strengths.

For example with my strength of kindness, I felt pulled to do something like this where I can give back. Where I could be generous with my knowledge. Where I can help other people and I always do with a dose of humor.

How can you use your character strengths? If you haven’t, you can go to Authentic Happiness. You can take the  VIA Survey of Character Strengths assessment and get your top character strengths.

Find Meaning

Um, you know, is it meaningful for you to be with your family right now? You have an abundance of being with your family. Oh, I said that word. Abundance.

Eenjoy doing those things that have meaning for you. 

To Summarize:




Use your strengths

Find meaning


Be on the look out for more videos to break these topics down.



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