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5 Ways to Make 2020 Your Year

HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? The posts are out - 2019 sucked, I’m going to make 2020 the best year that walked the face of the planet.    And I hope that 2020 is the best year yet for you!   However, in order to make that happen there needs to be more than just setting goals,...

The Stressful Cost of Niceness

Doing nice things for people is great. Yet when you go over the edge into being too nice, you may find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and a host of other issues. How can you deal with those issues and still be kind to people?

How Not to be a Donkey

Sometimes we think that if we aren’t ‘nice’ and doing everything for everyone we will end up being (another name for) a donkey. That simply isn’t the case. We can be our best advocates and still be kind people.

7 Ways to Cure People-Pleasing Habits

Finally cure your people-pleasing habits and start acting with self-interest, guilt free. 

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