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Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be an adult so bad?

As a matter of fact, my kid said to me the other day “I can’t wait til I’m an adult!”

You could do whatever you wanted to do. Go wherever you wanted to, whenever you wanted to.

Eat whatever you wanted to, sleep whenever you wanted to.

Watch whatever TV shows you wanted to, listen to the music you wanted to.

All of these things that we so looked forward to doing because we couldn’t do them as kids.

Now we’re adults! Yay!


I’m not getting into the minutiae of still not being able to go do whatever you want whenever you want, especially if you have kids.

The issue now is that all the rules and things that people said to us got into our heads all of the, “you should do this”, “You shouldn’t do that.”

“You don’t want to do that.”

“This is the way you should do things.”

“You’re not good enough to do that.”

“You need to do things this way.”

“You should be this way.”

They’re in our heads.

And they’re stuck there.

And in a lot of ways, we’re still letting them rule our day. Like we’re not fully adults.

We’re still like kids trying to please others and show them that we are nice and we deserve their respect and we’ll do kind things for you all the freaking time to show you how much we love you and how much we want to make you happy.

We’re trapped by these ideas that we grew up with and saw, and still, maybe due to ourselves with social media and who’s doing what and what should I do? And what should I be doing? We’re trapped.

And we need to get out of that trap in order to step into our boldness.

I had a client who said to me once, “There’s just no guidebook for life.” And, I disagree.

We get to write our guidebook. Our rulebook for life.

We have that opportunity. We’re adults, right?

We can do whatever we want to!

Isn’t that what we thought when we were kids?

And in writing this guide for our life, we can let go of the voices. And that is what having these bold lines is about.

Its really figuring out what is important to us. What do we believe the rules for our life should be?

Not what our parents think, not what our elementary school friend thought. Not what people on social media are saying. What do we think the rules for our life should be?

And then we get to boldly live those. We do!

Because we’re adults and we can!

And, once we start living with these bold lines and our own rules, that is when we fully get to enjoy being an adult. 

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