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At some point, every one of us is going to feel like our mental health is not where we want it to be. For some people this is an everyday occurrence. For others it is seasonal. For some it is simply once in while. No matter how your mental health issues present, there are ways to cope with it. 


How can you help your mental health?


Acknowledge and Accept

The first step is always acknowledging that something is off. Maybe you are feeling less motivated, worrying more, having panic attacks, sleeping more or any other change you notice in your thoughts or actions. While we may want to get upset with ourselves because we aren’t doing the things or thinking the ways we might typically think, accept that these changes are our body’s and mind’s way of telling us that something is off. It is a big shiny STOP sign (or at the very least a yield sign). 


Explore Your Feelings and Behaviors

Do some digging into why you might be experiencing these changes. Maybe you had a fight with your significant other. If you haven’t heard, we have also been experiencing a recent global event that none of us have lived through before that can certainly impact our mental health. Maybe what is happening is a sign that your medication needs adjusting. Or that you haven’t been getting enough sleep. It is difficult to tell what is setting the change off if we don’t take the time to explore it.


Pay attention to how you are feeling and behaving over the next couple weeks. If your symptoms seem to recede, then maybe you were just going through something stressful and you felt more discombobulated than typical. If things don’t seem to be getting better, then you know it is more than a situational issue and need to be looked at deeper.


Get Help 

No matter if the changes you are seeing are short or long term, getting help is always a benefit. Therapy is always helpful no matter what issue or problems you may be facing. Going to therapy is a sign that you care about yourself and want to make your world better. (Click Here if you would like to try online therapy).  You could also explore support groups like alcoholics anonymous. In today’s world a lot of support can be found online. A quick Google search for what you are experiencing will return a number of organizations that can help. No matter what road you seek, getting support is of the utmost importance. If you are feeling as though you need immediate help please contact your local emergency services or contact a crisis line in your area. 


A word of caution though, make sure that you fully vet any type of support you are looking for whether in person or online. The biggest key to something working for you is that you feel supported and trust in those around you. People should not be shaming you for what you are feeling or the issues you are having. This may mean that you have to “shop around” to find the best fit for you. 


To your mental health –

Dr. Jac

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