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This week I chat with Mary Cook at This Indulgent life. We know that we want to have a great family life while we are still supporting our family. How do we spend intentional time with our family, give them experiences and be respectful parents? Mary and I cover all this in this show.  


Mary is the mom of one wild little boy and the owner of This Indulgent Life where she coaches fellow moms on how to use gentle parenting and experiences together to find the joy in motherhood and in life. As an expat teacher and mom in Hong Kong she had what many dreamed of, a helper at home to give one-on-one care to her son and do housework, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing. She was tired every day from long hours away and she would come home not wanting to do anything but watch tv. She felt guilty and felt she was wasting not only her own life but the little time she had with her son. But playing with a toddler didn’t come naturally. She had to find her own way to make life and parenting enjoyable again and discovered that experiences together not only fulfilled her adventurous spirit but also brought back the joy in being a mom. Now she’s on a mission to help other moms rid themselves of the guilt of feeling like they’re not enough and inspiring families to have more adventures together, big and small, to live a more indulgent life.

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