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Life happens. There are some things we have no control over. One of those things is when a little wooden sign falls on your laptop hitting it just right to take out the screen rendering the laptop useless.

This scenario is exactly what happened to me on Father’s Day. And if there is anything in my house that I need to run consistently it is my laptop (and I have the worst luck with them, but that is another story).

While I did have a slight breakdown immediately following my incident, as the week went on and I had to revert to my old p.o.s computer that I had handed down to the kiddos, I learned a few things about productivity.


Here are 3 lessons I learned about productivity –


Take time to review your systems – Thankfully I had systems in place to help me get through the week. I was able to sail through a few of my more complex processes without so much as batting an eye because I knew exactly how I approached the tasks.

Then there were the few systems that I thought were very sound that turned out not be. Thankfully these were the minority, but still they threw me for a loop and ended up taking more time than I wanted them to. Now I know that I need to review those systems so in the event I have more computer issues I can get through those easily too.


Make it easy for clients to access their information* – One of the big issues during the week was finding the links I needed to access for my teaching. The schools I teach for tend to have a number of different sign on links, none of which are available from one place to another.

Not being able to access information made me think about how easy (or difficult) it was for clients to find the information they needed from me (like in a membership site).

Having a single sign on with access to any area a client needs access to should be the gold standard. One thing that really saved my butt was I happened to receive a few emails with links to where I needed to go, even though I had been to those sites a million times having the links again made it so I didn’t have to try and dig through old emails or call tech support.


Use Focusing Exercises – Last week my kids decided to try to find out what the highest number was (it is called googleplex) and I’m pretty sure that is the number of times I wanted to say screw it and just take the week off.

But when those out of control feelings would descend on me I’d take a few minutes to breathe and refocus my attention. Thinking about what I could do instead of what I couldn’t or possible solutions to the issue. Lo and behold I didn’t have to take the week off and I was able to finish the week getting everything done that I needed to.


Luckily it only took five days to fix my laptop so it is now safely back in my hands. But I will be reviewing the systems that didn’t work so I can make them better. I’m going to make sure that my clients have easy access to their content. I’ll be incorporating focusing exercises to calm myself whenever I need it.

Keep your head in the game –



*As a side note, do you have a way to access all the links you would need in the event of a computer crash? I know I’ll be making a list in the even I ever need them again.

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