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It is your responsibility to make yourself happy


I think there can be two different takes on this little snippet. It could be said as:

It is YOUR responsibility to make yourself happy 


It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make yourself happy


Since last week we discussed knowing how to refill your glass, we’ll go with option 1 for this week and how it is up to you and only you to make yourself happy. 


What does it mean to take responsibility for YOUR happiness?


It is YOUR Life, no one else’s

Often when we have an issue our tendency is to ask people what they think we should. This is not a complete negative. Maybe they have ideas we haven’t thought of. The issue is that when people offer advice, they offer it from their perspective, through the lens of what they like, don’t like, have experienced or not experienced. 


For example, if you ask me if you should go skydiving I might say a big heck to the no because the only way you will catch my skydiving is to save my life. Someone who loves skydiving will tell you that yes, you absolutely should skydive. This isn’t right or wrong, it is just the way we as humans think. Some people, like a therapist or a really good friend, might walk you through and help you figure out what is right for you. Just remember when getting advice that the information is tinted through their lens. 


You can only control yourself

We can only control what we do and how we react to situations. We might want to blame others for “making us feel” a certain way. In reality, we react to what people do and tell ourselves how we feel about it. Since we can only control ourselves, no one else can make us happy. If we are waiting for someone else to do something that makes us happy we may be waiting for a very, very long time (see #1). Go out and find what makes you happy and do those things. 


Makes you feel powerful

Your relationship with yourself is the longest one you will ever have. Knowing that you are taking care of yourself and doing the things that make you happy is a powerful feeling. You don’t need other people to make decisions for you or wait around for them to do something to help you (hopefully you will still want other people in your life but that seems like a whole other blog post). You will also have a better idea of what doesn’t make you happy and know that you should stay away from what drags you down. You will have the power to decide!

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