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There is no getting around it.

The world is a different place than it was a couple months ago. 


Maybe you have heard this idea about getting back to the “new normal”.

What does “normal” even mean?

To have something be “normal” it means there also has to be something “abnormal”.


I’m not a fan of the idea of a “new normal”.

One thing I can behind though is that our stress levels before Rona came to visit were “abnormal”.

They were too high.

They made us sick.

They made us cranky.

They made us panicky and anxious.


What if we decided to do stress differently?

Where stress wasn’t the enemy.

We weren’t on the verge of burnout every day.

We didn’t feel so overwhelmed all the time.

We felt confident that we could take on anything the world throws at us.



Decide Your New Way to Stress-Less!

I invite you to join me, Thursday, May 28 at 8:00 PM CT for a mini-workshop to learn how to control your stress in this new time in our life.  

During this 1 hour mini-workshop we will cover how:

  • you can rethink stress to use its power.
  • to let go of things you can’t control.
  • you can manage stress before it manages you. 


Sign Up for this one time mini-workshop below! 

Hi, I’m Dr. Jac

I am passionate about helping people to live a life where they do not feel crushed by stress.

I am the founder of the Stress Proofed Life, where we work to overcome stress before it becomes overwhelming. I use my background as a psychologist plus the science of positive psychology to help people to gain the clarity and confidence to cope with what life throws at them.

When I find a bit of down time you will find me discussing the oddities of life with my husband and kiddos or reading mystery books with a glass of red wine surrounded by our 5 animals and any foster dogs we may have. If you are dying to know a little more about me find out more here.

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