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KickStart Your Success

Group Coaching Session

You want to move ahead two spaces. You know you have it in you to be successful,

When you try to make a move the voices start saying…

“You can’t do this!”

“What if you are wrong?”

“You aren’t good enough!”

“You don’t deserve this!”

And you freeze where you are. Stalled out, penalized for a delay of game.

If you just had a little help to move forward.

You had some understanding of why your inner critic rears its ugly head when you need it to shut up.

If you could just freakin’ move on and do what you know you are meant to do!

You are invited to the FREE Group Coaching Session

During this INTERACTIVE coaching session you will –

Get your mind geared to pull you toward success rather than stalling out.

Give you your next actionable steps to move forward in your success.

Connections to teammates to hold you to higher standards.

Afterward you get 3 weeks of follow up to keep you on track to moving forward.

Free Interactive Group Coaching Session Agenda -

15 Minutes – Intro and setting up the KickStart Success activity to break down your barriers

15 Minutes – Complete the KickStart Success activity together (yet individually) and ask questions about the success activity

15 – 20 Minutes – Spotlight time for anyone who wishes to share their responses or get more clarity (This benefits us all to help with ideas we may not have thought of!)

10 Minutes – Setting off to move forward in your success

Calls are NOT recorded to protect the privacy of the participants.

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