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I’m not sure if this round is more about procrastination or self-sabotage. But I know this one really speaks to me because I’ve certainly done them both!

Can you relate?

Your quote for this round is –

“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Shelby

I think a lot of times the procrastination comes from a place of the fear we talked about last week. By not doing what we want to do we tell ourselves that we aren’t important. We give ourselves the message that it is OK to not go after what we want. Procrastination says sabotaging ourselves is something that is acceptable.

As a bonus, working on our procrastination can also help us overcome the fear.

Move ahead a space actions –

  1. Sit down and figure out the biggest thing that you are procrastinating on.
  2. Then think about how doing that one thing would change your life.
  3. Focus on how you would enjoy the change in your life and do that one thing.


Game On –


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