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How can we help boost your mental health today?

Mental Health Boost Store

5 Minute Mental Health Boost

Make Yourself Happy

Make Yourself Happy

It is your responsibility to make yourself happy   I think there can be two different takes...

Refill Your Glass

Refill Your Glass

It doesn't matter if the glass is half-full or half empty. It matters that you know how to refill...

Hi, I’m Jac

I am passionate about helping people. I want everyone to live the best life they can.

So, I started this little store to help people boost their mental health "on the go". Read more about the story here.

If you are in need of immediate mental health services please contact someone who can help -


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or Live Online Chat

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Referral Helpline, 1-877-SAMHSA7 (1-877-726-4727)

Veteran's Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255

Text HOME to connect with a Crisis Counselor:

US and Canada: text 741741

UK: text 85258

Ireland: text 50808

Click here to find a therapist. 

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