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On this episode I chat with Paulien Pierik, Business Coach and Mentor. We discuss how your personality is your greatest asset in work and life, how to use your personality strengths and weaknesses and what your personality says about you.  


Paulien is a business coach & visibility strategist for purpose-driven online entrepreneurs.

It is her mission to help entrepreneurs step into their full potential, so they can launch and grow extraordinary businesses that make an impact in the world. And all of this with confidence and ease. Bye bye overwhelm!

Sh has over 17 years experience as a CEO and founder of global online businesses, an MSc in business, and entrepreneurship training from Harvard Business School.

She is also a mum of 2, an eternal yoyo dieter, an avid egalitarian, and a lover of everything new: ideas, people, food, gadgets, books and countries!


Find Paulien at:




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