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You have heard the idea that you have think positively if you want to move your business, life, relationship, or anything else forward. That can be daunting when you are simply not sure how to actually be positive when life seems to be sucking the living soul out of you.

But this time is going to be different for you! Here is how you can inspire positive thinking and action into your world.

So let’s get rolling –

First we need to clarify the idea of positive thinking. People take positive thinking to mean we have to be all Pollyanna and rays of sunshine all.the.freakin.time.


Positive thinking means seeing the good and bad in situations. But also knowing that there is a way out, through, over, the issues. Understanding that the problem is just a blip on the radar of life is positive thinking.

It doesn’t matter if the glass if half full or half empty if there is a pitcher of water right next to it. (sorry whoever I stole this idea from)

Moving Forward a Space –

1. This week focus on one issue you are having with your work or personal life.

2. Examine the problem from all angles. What is good? What is bad? What can you change? What can you not?

3. Then focus on finding a way to solve the issue.

4. AND put that solution into action. It might be helpful to write out small steps you can take to solving the problem if it is a bigger issue.

If you keep having doubts about the issue, remember that you are working on solving it and that is positive thinking and positive action!

Game On –


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