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How many times recently have you thought to yourself – I should do this, I should do that?


Maybe you say things like….


I should be further along in my business.


I should have more clients.


I should be as popular as Santa Claus.


The follow up to “I should…” is “…but I’m not”.


When we should all over ourselves we aren’t accepting of where we are now.


Should shames us into feeling like we are failures who can’t even put on a roll of toilet paper the right way (note that the right way is with the paper hanging behind, never in front!). Nevermind being able to run a successful business.


This shoulding can lead to…


Comparing ourselves to others – “I should be as famous as Amy Porterfield”.


Procrastination – “I don’t have as many clients as I want, I should just give up”.


Shiny Object Syndrome – “Bertha the Bull’ videos have gone viral! I should watch all 3,380 hours of her YouTube channel to find out what they are doing that I’m not”.


Overwhelm – “I should add another social media channel to my marketing because the 5 I’m already doing are not getting me clients”.


Throwing our hands in the air and proclaiming – “I should go have a Netflix marathon and eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey” (why does everyone always use Chunky Monkey as an example?…but I digress)


When you find yourself saying should it is time to take a big ‘ol mirror out and have a little chat with yourself.


Determine what you actually need to be doing.


Phrase your should statement in positive terms…


I am moving forward in my business.


I am getting more clients.


I am working toward being as famous as Santa Claus.


What is something you ‘should’ stop shoulding yourself about?

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