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The Starting Line

Find Your Personality Superpowers

The first step in any journey is knowing where you are. You probably know your likes and dislikes. Maybe even experiences that have influenced you to do (or not do) the things you do. 

Do you know what your underlying superpowers are? Are underlying forces of fear, humility, niceness, peacemaking really leading you to not harness your full superpowers?

Before we can decide the best route to getting you more time, freedom and happiness we need to know what your underlying motivations are for what you do (and don’t do). 

This session is designed to help you dig below the surface. We will uncover the underlying basis of why you make the decisions you do. You will understand how you function under stress and in relationships. You will also see how you function at your best level and the best course of action to get there.

Understanding your ‘superpowers’ will help you conquer the struggles you have been having. You can then use your unique strengths direct your life to where you it want it to go.

How Does This Work?

Once you sign up for the session you will receive a link to complete an assessment to determine your personality superpowers.

After you complete the assessment you will have 30 minute 1:1 Zoom session.

During the session we will review the themes of your personality, your internal strengths and the ways in which you function. 

You will leave with an understanding of where you are starting on this journey, a report on your strengths and weaknesses and 3 decisive steps you can take to use your superpowers to help you get from under the overwhelm that you are feeling right now.

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