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Are you suffering from shiny object syndrome?


Maybe you saw one of those FB ads with a “business coach”, draped over a lamborghini, exclaiming how “with one phone call I landed a $10,000 client”.


And you waste 8 hours listening to the “guru” drone on about their fabulous house, spouse, and mouse only to find that they worked 10 years to get that one phone call that brought them in that kind of cash.


Maybe your friend told you about this ahhhhmazing new software they are using to run their projects and how they can so easily keep track of client projects at every step.


So, you waste a whole Saturday transferring all your clients to the free version of the software to realize you need the paid platform to send an auto responder.


We tend to chase beautiful, shiny objects for a number of reasons, but in the end shiny objects are really a form of distraction.


When you find yourself chasing a shiny object there is a reason for it.


Figure out what is so appealing about that shiny object.


Then focus on a way to get what you need from what you already have.


What shiny objects do you need to stop chasing?




Which shiny objects do you see other people chasing?



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