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Summer Schedule Success

Get Your Summer Schedule Set

Summer is here!

Remember as a kid how you spent your summer having fun, not a care in the world? Riding bikes, playing with friends, running through the sprinkler and staying up late are just a few things that I remember.

Now, as adults we need to get our work done during the summer. But, we still want to have time to play and enjoy time with our family.

Expectations change during the summer – kids are off school, people are taking vacations, the call of the pool may be too tempting, and every one wants to have a weekend BBQ.

All the activities can throw a wrench into our best laid plans and put plenty of hiccups in running our business.

Let’s solve those issues before they even start.

Join us for a 1.5 hour workshop where we will get our summer set up for success in both work and play.

During this workshop we will go through our summer schedules together and figure out how to fit in time to complete business tasks and still have fun.

When the workshop is over you will have:

-Your summer work/play schedule set

-Tools to keep to your schedule

-Ways to overcome sudden invitations and issues that pop up


Saturday June, 13, 2019*

10 – 11:30 AM Central Time (find your time here)

You deserve to have a summer of fun, not stress.



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