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This week I chat with Tim C. Star, public speaker and author. We discuss how to make decisions, how we put up our own roadblocks and creating the reality that we want.


Tim C. Star is host of two podcasts; The Universe Between Your Ears and the brand new Personal Growth Podcast. He is also a professional speaker and the author of 2 books in the Law of Attraction arena: My Name is Prosperity and Where’s My Stuff?

Mr. Star was born and raised in the blue collar environment of Chicago’s South Side. His home roots provided little expectation of rising above the daily grind where so many spend their lives.

This background, plus the analytical eye of a natural skeptic, mixed with a lifetime of recreational consumption of a wide range of “new thought” ideas, quantum mechanics and personal experience, resulted in a personal life perspective that demands practicality, but is also open to future opportunities.

When he lost a long-term job at age 54, Tim didn’t work again for 2 years. He also didn’t get depressed, or begin to question his worth in the world. He didn’t ask himself, ‘If I’m not (that career label), then what AM I?’

When he became aware that he wasn’t experiencing what the “experts” said should happen, he wondered why. The answer lay in the ideas he’d been exposed to since he was young. They had helped him to gain a different perspective on the world, and on what had happened to him. Today, he shares these ideas and more with the rest of the world.

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