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Donnamarie Jurick
High Performance & Flow Expert

Exploring her potentials into death defying moments in the wilderness as an Action Adventure Athlete taught Donnamarie to make high performance mindsets in seconds and get into flow states in the blink of an eye.

So far while reinventing herself to excel in 27 different positions across 16 sectors, she’s lived in 26 locations in 3 countries, padded over 2,200 Kms of whitewater rivers, skied over 10,000 Kms, done 29 sports, and is expert in 5. Along the way she’s raised her son who is an extraordinary expert in his niche.

As the founder of Pro Flow Prosperity, Donnamarie guides Visionary Changemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches to get their high performance, flow, and fearless soul on speed dial. They love accelerating their successes, exponential growth, and impact—while experiencing the wildly fulfilling business and life they were meant for—and making the world a better place.

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