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Whew!  I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season!  Often times we start thinking about the year in review at this time.  We think about major events in the news.  We think about momentous occasions in our life. Before we can make new resolutions, we need to conduct a year in review of our past goals, achievements and things we still want to work on.

Why is it a good idea to have a year in review?  Because it can tell us what we did well – often there is a lot that we have forgotten that we achieved because we tend to focus on where we still want to go.  But remember, any step forward is further along than where we were before.

Before you set your goals for the year ahead, have your year in review look back at the different areas of your life to remember what you did well and what you still want to work on in the next year.

Here are some areas and considerations that you may want to think about reviewing –


Health –

Physical – How is your current physical health?  Have you overcome a physical obstacle this year?  How did it turn out?  Do you still need to be concerned about any physical issues?  What have you done physically that got you closer to a physical goal? What can you do in the next year to be closer to where you want to be physically?

Emotional – Where is your emotional health at?  Have you overcome an emotional health crisis this year?  What do you need to be attentive to, to stay at your current level of mental health?  What would you like to improve in the next year to have better mental health?


Relationships –

Marriage/partner – What kind of ups and downs have you had this year? Have you overcome major hurdles in your relationship?  How did you achieve that? How can you continue to build on your achievements to create a better relationship in the coming year? What would you like to change in the future?

Child(ren) – What kind of parent were you this past year? Is your relationship with your child(ren) where you want it to be?  What did you do well in the last year?  What will you focus on doing better in the upcoming year?

Family/Friends – Were you the kind of family member/friend that you wanted to be in the last year? What was something wonderful you did for another family member/friend? What do you want to work toward in the next year to be an even better family member/friend?


Other Areas of Consideration –

Occupation – How did your career go this past year?  Did you have any advancements? What were some set-backs to reaching your career aspirations?  What are 3 specific steps you can take this coming year to improve your career?

Community – What kind of community member do you see yourself as?  How did you actively participate in your community this past year? What special interests do you have that you could commit time to this coming year? What is one thing you could do to be more involved in your community?

Finances – How was your year fiscally?  Did you spend money in a way you wanted to?  Do you have enough money coming in to cover your expenses? What unforeseen expenses did you have? How can you prepare better for those types of expenses next year?  What can you do to be more financially secure in the coming year?


How much time and effort did you spend on you this past year?  What did you do that made you happy? What kinds of self-care did you participate in? What plan do you have for the upcoming year for even better self-care and working on your happiness?


There are certainly other areas that you may be able to think of that should also be included in the year in review.  Just make sure to ask yourself what you did well, what you overcame and how you can do better in the next year.

Then, make a plan to actually work on being better in those areas.  Make time this week to work on planning your next year’s goals.  Then commit to make next year your best year so far!

(Don’t forget to schedule in a year in review at the end of next year!)


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