Get Your Head in the Game

Win the mind games that are keeping you from your success!


When you were a kid and being an adult sounded so awesome?! You were going to have the freedom to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

You had plans for such a fabulous life!

Now you look back and think being a kid was so much better. No responsibilities, lots of free time and you didn’t have to buy your own shampoo.

When you thought of adulthood as a kid you just knew you were going to do GREAT things. You were going have this fabulous job (that now you just hope to make it through the day) or own your own business (that now you are too scared to share with anyone).

As a kid being an adult meant that you would come home each night and enjoy yourself with the ones you love (not be so wore out that you just wanted to veg in front of the T.V.).

When you think about it, you basically have the life you wanted as a kid, but it isn’t what you thought it would it be.

You know you are meant for more!

Your life should be more than this hamster wheel, overwhelm and feeling this is ALL there is. You try to move forward, but it feels like you are doing the “two steps forward one step back” dance.

So you buy another course (that you don’t finish), go a training (and get pumped about change a for week then fizzle out), read self-development books (that are now shelf-help books) and you are still not where you want to be.

If you could just get back to the plans you had as a kid that you were going to rule your life!


You know deep down that you are destined for success!

Living life on your terms instead of someone else’s.

But you aren’t getting there.

Your mind-games are telling you that you can’t succeed.

That inner critic tells you that you don’t have the skill, knowledge, motivation or other BullS**t to get where you want to go. (Even though you really do!)

What if there was a way to beat these mind games and be crowned the Champion of Your Success?

I’m here to tell you there is!

You can continue to roll the dice or you can…

~Define your adult dream life and live it!

~Stop letting your inner critic keep you from living your dream.

~Start being proactive in designing your life instead of reactive.

~Enjoy supportive accountability that moves you toward your success.

~Bring more of the things you want to your life and get rid of things you don’t.

~Have some freakin’ fun while you live your game plan!

~Get the life you were going to have as a kid!

Be crowned Champion of Your Success!*

Hi! I’m Jac. I’m a Psychologist turned Success Coach because I would much rather focus on people’s positive potential. I know that even in going after our success our minds can f**k us over. And dang, we don’t have to take it so seriously. That led me to helping people like you win the mind games that keep you stuck in self-doubt and procrastination so you can be the Champion of Your Success.  On a day to day basis I try to keep two little humans alive, spend time with my hubby and enjoy all things chocolate and caramel. Join me if you are ready to win your mind games!
*No magic want needed.