Are You Ready to BE in

Control of Your Business?

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Guess What?


There are a number of different goal setting systems out there.

All of them work.

And none of them work.

Getting your shit done isn’t about DOing more.

Achieving your goals is about BEing the CEO of your business.

The only way to get the level of success you want is BEing in control of your decisions, time and outcomes.

Hi I’m Jac. I’m a reformed “organized mess”. I was very organized at making my business more of a mess than it had to be. (Most)everything was getting done, but I was stretched too thin, relied on everyone else to tell me how I should run my business and was burnt out AF.

It wasn’t until I started to BE the leader of my business that I began to see results and enjoy what I was doing. Now I help other business owners BE in control of their business using my background as a psychologist, marketer and my fabulous no nonsense personality.

On the personal side, I enjoy anything chocolate and caramel, raising two young humans (most days I enjoy them) and having conversations on the patio with my husband along with a glass of red wine.

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