More Time,

More Freedom,

More Happiness.



How did you end up here?

You are smart and ambitious. When you were told you could do it, be it and have it all, you took ‘them’ at their word and did just that. By all outward appearances you look like a success. Yet, inside you feel like you are barely keeping it together. It seems like you are watching life just wiz by. You fear that one day soon the road you are on will just open up and you will fall into a pit you can’t climb out of.  

In striving for having it all you found out it comes with hefty fines. You are consistently running on empty, leaving you feeling frenzied, overwhelmed, stressed and not sure you can take on one more thing (although you still do). You can’t believe that going from one overworked day to another overworked day is how life is supposed to be. You wonder when the happiness from all that you are doing will finally show up (you are holding out hope that you will be happy once you get over this next hill).


What if you were in the driver’s seat?

You felt like you had breathing room because you knew exactly where you are going and how to get there. You weren’t zooming from one thing to the next without pause. You could reap the benefits of all the hard work you have put in. Your life felt fulfilled and less stressed. There was free-time to enjoy your accomplishments. Happiness was experienced daily. You lived your life with intention on your terms. 


What would your life look like if you had more time, freedom & happiness?

Hi I’m Dr. Jac Julien. For the longest time I felt like I was playing a passenger on the road that is my life. I was trying to be who, what and where everyone else wanted me to be.

Then I did something that I always wanted to do but none of the other passengers in on the trip with me wanted me to do – I went to school to get my Doctorate in Psychology. (insert audible *gasp*) How dare I go off the set path?!

After finishing graduate school, I realized I need to develop my own road map and be the driver in my life, not be a passenger in what someone other think my life should look like.

Now, I take all that I have learned from the science of positive psychology and happiness and help others develop and drive their very own road map to life, so they can experience more time, freedom & happiness.

On the personal side, I enjoy anything chocolate and caramel, raising two young humans (Ok, most days I enjoy them) and having conversations on the patio with my husband along with a glass of red wine.

Would you rather…

Make decisions easily

Be mentally strong

Feel worthy of getting what you want

Do what you say you are going to do

Determinedly say no (or yes)

Enjoy life, family, friends

Have a clear vision of your life & how to get there

Live life with no doubts, excuses or regrets


Procrastinate, overthink, be wishy washy

Emotionally drained

Always put others first and ignore your needs

Let yourself down & put off getting things done

Feel guilty or like a narcissistic ahole for saying no

Just be busy all the time and then die

Continue the status quo or fumbling through life

Keep doubting, making excuses and regretting what you do (or don’t do)

If you would like your life to look like the first column,

You are in the right place.

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