Are you suffering from 

Hustle Fatigue?

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You started your business because you were fed up with your j.o.b.


You were tired of –

  • Not being there for your spouse/kids.
  • Working specific hours so someone else could pull in the big bucks.
  • Being available 24/7 for someone else.
  • Being dependent on someone else to make money.
  • Having to share a bathroom with other people.


Your dream for having your own business may have looked something like –

  • Working only the hours you want to
  • Spending uninterrupted time with your family
  • Taking real vacations
  • Having time for yourself
  • Being able to eat bon-bons and watch your shows whenever you wanted to


Only the reality after starting your business looks like –


  • Feeling guilty when you don’t spend time with family (but also when you do because you should be working on your business)
  • Being busy all.the.time
  • You haven’t had a vacation since you started
  • You forgot what ‘me’ time is
  • You only enjoy your show with chocolate melting on your hands and eyes so heavy because you are so wore out at the end of the day.

What would your life look like if you had

more ‘me’ time while being more focused

and taking decisive action in your business?

Hi I’m Jac. I’m a reformed “organized mess”. I was very organized at making my business more of a mess than it had to be. (Most)everything was getting done, but I was stretched too thin, relied on everyone else to tell me how I should run my business and was burnt out AF.

It wasn’t until I started to BE the leader of my business that I began to see results and enjoy what I was doing. Now I help other business owners BE in control of their business using my background as a psychologist, marketer and my fabulous no nonsense personality.

On the personal side, I enjoy anything chocolate and caramel, raising two young humans (most days I enjoy them) and having conversations on the patio with my husband along with a glass of red wine.

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